Shovel tooth process

Shovel radiator

The benefits of the radiator produced by the shovel tooth process are as follows:
(1) The shovel-tooth radiator has a higher heat sink density and improves heat dissipation performance;
(2) The height of the blades of the shovel-tooth radiator can reach 120mm, which fully meets the production requirements of most radiators;
(3) The teeth of the shovel-tooth radiator can be made thinner, which can be 0.05mm-2mm, which can make the radiator lighter;
(4) The shovel-tooth radiator is shoveled on the prototype material, so the heat dissipation efficiency is not damaged, reaching 100% of the heat dissipation efficiency of the prototype material, and there will be no risk of loosening and falling, improving the reliability of machine operation;
(5) The shovel-tooth radiator has high compatibility, and the possibility of later processing is also great. It can also cooperate with buried copper pipes and other processes to improve the heat dissipation performance;
(6) The performance and efficiency of the shovel tooth machine have been continuously improved, and the continuous improvement of the shovel tooth material has made it suitable for mass production.

The shovel radiator has the following advantages:

(1) The shovel-tooth radiator is formed by forming an aluminum (copper) plate through the shovel-tooth processing process at one time. The FIN and the substrate are integrally formed without contact, which can exert the heat dissipation characteristics of efficient conduction.
(2) The shovel technology of the hardware can make the fin thinner and higher (thinner than the FIN of the aluminum extrusion profile), so the FIN density is high, and the heat dissipation efficiency is also higher.
(3) Since the processing technology is integrated by shoveling, the same heat dissipation area, the shoveling process can make the weight of the radiator lighter and the material cost is lower.
(4) Compared with aluminum extrusion and other processes, FIN can be made wider and higher with less restrictions on size and can be used for heat dissipation of larger power chips.
(5) For small-batch, large-volume radiators, the shovel teeth can be processed with plates, which saves expensive mold fees!
(6) Due to the continuous increase of chip heat generation in recent years, the improvement of tooth shovel technology and raw material processing technology, the 1060 plate and substrate buried heat pipe technology has become a highlight of large-scale heat dissipation assembly!

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