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Dongguan Juyun Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005 and is located in Building 1, Jinming Road North, Jinchuan Industrial Zone, Xiegang Town, Dongguan City. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in the design, manufacturing, and sales of heat dissipation products. The company has gathered a group of professional talents who have been engaged in the design and manufacturing of heat sinks for many years, and has its own brand "COOLSERVER". We mainly design and produce CPU heat sinks, LED heat sinks, heat pipe heat sinks, graphics card heat sinks, shovel tooth heat sinks, aluminum profile heat sinks, 1U-4U server and workstation heat sinks, and internal and external circulating water cooling heat sinks. Our products have six major series and more than 300 varieties, and we can customize and process non-standard heat sinks of different materials, specifications, and sizes. We have offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, and the radiators produced with advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship have been sold throughout the country and overseas for many years. The company currently has a factory area of over 21000 square meters, equipped with complete mechanical equipment, over 40 management and technical personnel, and over 200 employees. The company's CNC workshop has 30 CNC machines, 11 CNC cutting machines, 3 hydraulic cutting machines, 4 semi-automatic cutting machines, 6 grinding equipment, and 15 precision punching machines. The main production workshop has 3 automated welding lines, 6 semi-automatic assembly lines, and 2 radiator performance testing machines. The company has plans to increase machine tools and equipment every year. The engineering department is equipped with one wind tunnel testing machine and one buckle pressure testing machine for new product development and testing. The company has a complete and scientific factory ERP management system. Efficient and meticulous quality management system. The company adheres to a market-oriented approach and is based on the interests and needs of customers. Sincerely willing to work with various cooperating manufacturers to develop the best cost-effective products, provide the most timely solutions for customers' constantly changing heat dissipation needs, and strive to pursue the best customer satisfaction. The company has a complete system cooling solution, and the products developed and produced have unique design, stable performance, and a complete range of products. There are four major series of products, with over 200 varieties. The company has strong technical strength and strong professional production capacity, with a monthly output of over 500000 units, sold throughout the country and in international markets such as Asia, Europe and America. The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification, and its domestic sales market is spread throughout South China, Central China, and North China. Based on the actual situation in China, we adhere to the principles of practicality and durability, advocate people-oriented, quality first, and gradually establish a win-win corporate culture system for customers and the company.

Corporate culture: Continuously providing high-quality products to society and building a growth platform for employees.
Company Vision: Becoming a Leading Brand in the Radiator Industry
Company philosophy: To be a conscientious enterprise and a trustworthy product
Core values: gratitude, win-win situation, dedication, and progress.

Dongguan Juyun Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Branch: 137-8895-5637 (Mr. Huang)
Beijing Branch: 135-5201-4282 (Mr. Huang)
Dongguan Factory: 158-2041-5426 (Miss Yan)
Shenzhen Headquarters: 181-0027-5217 (Mr. Liu)
European branch: (Patrick)
Overseas Business Department: (Patrick)


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